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In 2006 CANAAN was put under ice. Luca relocated permanently to Torino, Matteo changed his day-job and started travelling around Italy and the band thus suffered a quite long and partially unexpected stop. Mauro's composing impulses were channeled towards a new project called NERONOIA. Two albums were recorded in Alessio's mighty Noise Factory studio and released via EIBON RECORDS: UN MONDO IN ME in late 2006 and IL RUMORE DELLE COSE in 2008. Both were sung in italian by Gianni, and welcomed very very warmly, though sales weren't exactly stellar (please keep in mind the chainging "downloading-versus-buying" attitude of the listeners). NERONOIA's line up basically consisted of Mauro, Andrea, Alberto (and Gianni working on the vocal side of things in his own home-studio in Crevalcore), with Nico and Matteo kicking in as appreciated jollies in UN MONDO IN ME, and Matteo alone lending his precious hands & guitar skills in IL RUMORE DELLE COSE. Nico, due to family and job troubles, in fact estranged himself from the band(s) for a few years (late 2006 to mid 2009). After the release of IL RUMORE DELLE COSE, it was NERONOIA's time to be put to rest. Nico re-surfaced from the fogs of time, and took back his place in CANAAN; new songs were composed, recorded, assembled and disassembled at the band's home-studio, then brought to Noise Factory for mixdown and mastering. Here came CONTRO.LUCE: it lifted more than a few eyebrows, not only because it was entirely sung in italian, but also because it was hardly comparable to what the band had ever done before. The concept of "dark music" still - obviously - fitted, but it was way too narrow and restrictive to describe what CANAAN year 2010 were playing. Cold Wave ? Ambient ? Dark ? Ethnic music ? All of these and a lot more, making impossible to frame the band in a specific genre. During 2010 the band re-started playing like a "real band", with a few rehearsals taking place in the band's own small studio. Once a few new songs' structures were created, CANAAN decided to try adding a female vocalist - Arianna. A talented semi-pro soprano singer, she had her debut in the band's cover version of Zeromancer's "Houses of cards", a song done for the norwegian compilation tribute to Kim Ljung. The cooperation worked out very well, and it was a natural consequence adding Arianna's voice to the new songs too. Darker, deeper, doomier than anything CANAAN recorded since 1998 WALK INTO MY OPEN WOMB, OF PRISONERS, WANDERING SOULS AND CRUEL FEARS was mixed and mastered at Noise Factory in April 2012, and represents the zenith of the band's musical production so far. The cd contains 22 tracks equally divided in the two cds: the first one contains "personas" (each song is dedicated to a peculiar character); in the second one Personas turn into prisoners, and the songs transmute accordingly into ambient/ethnic pieces. All in all, the new cds contains 101 minutes of pitch-black soundscapes, rough and filthy songs that take the word "DOOM" to new levels, deperate hymns of self-deception and rage. If you're brave enough, try walking through these shadows without being bothered by demons.