Brand new Babylon

Brand new babylon


Theta division
In un cielo di pece
Sperm like honey
Of lost desires
Shelter 1
La simmetria del dolore
For a drowning soul
The circle of waters
The meaning of solitude (return to 9117)
Over absolute black
Lick my poison
A descent to Babylon


Sperm Like Honey

Last night I lost control
Last night I lost control
Dreamt of dying
Died a thousand times

So many different deaths
Smiling at me Caressing me Promising delight

Last night I lost control
Thought my shells were strong enough

So many different deaths
Making love to me,
Sucking me,
granting delight

And my sperm becomes like honey
dripping from distance,
blessing the earth, sweet as a new womb

Death is gone, life is gone, the shells reform::

Of Lost Desires

From this oblique matrix
He watches the plains of life
Silent are now the spirits
And the things have lost their voice

The first born man knows and suffers.
The dead are walking
his heart with them.

The memory of darkness
Burns again
Making him the living witness
Of a collapsing universe.

The first born man knows and suffers
The dead are walking

With hands like knives
With hands like knives
With hands like knives

La Simmetria Del Dolore

I morti maturano, il mio cuore con essi.
Pietà se nell'ultimo umore ha la terra
Muove nei vetri dell'urna
Una luce d'alberi lacustri;
mi devasta oscura mutazione, santo ignoto:
gemono al seme sparso larve verdi.
il mio volto loro primavera

Nasce una memoria di buio
In fondo a pozzi murati, un'eco di timpani sepolti:
sono la tua reliquia patita

Desiderio delle tue mani bianche
Nel buio della fiamma: sapevano di polvere e di morte.
Erano subito di neve, cosi' le parole:
un po' di luce, e poi la nebbia e gli alberi,
e noi fatti d'aria al mattino

Ancora un calice di profumo mi spezzava le mani,
quando la luce accendeva il crepuscolo
sull'altare del silenzio
E con piccole ali di cristallo
io solo sfioravo la soglia di questo dolore

The Meaning Of Solitude

Punish my black heart for I have sinned.
Nail my black heart for I have sinned
Leave me alone in
This evening of despair
When nothing has the same meaning again
And this core of self-deception
Fills the pits of solitude

Punish my black heart
For I'll sin again
With the same, old illusions
As my monodimensional guiding light

And when everything will regain perspective,
I will finally find a meaning
to this deep grey solitude of mine

Punish my black heart
Nail my black heart
Melt me

Over Absolute Black

Evanescent figures walk by my side
As I silently cross the borders of night
Their voices gently push me through a solid prism of noise

I hear them calling my name

Take me with you
Take me through you
on a journey over this absolute black

The ghosts of psychic collapse
Walked by my side
As I vanished through the borders of night

Where an image of purity and domination
Painted the sky of pale dead colors
And swept away the perfume
of that fucking absolute black

A Descent To Babylon

The towers of pain In crimson light drowning Imprison us
The wells of pain by purple light blessed Imprison us

We grab the nails of domination
And our fist becomes the FLAME of Babylon

With the blood of our enemies
Leaving a sour taste in our mouth
We the Archangels of Fire
unite the worlds of weakness
under our flag of DISINTEGRATION

For we are the wings of
The immense beast called SUPREMACY

Our voices raise as one
Our hearts beat as one
Our eyes see as one

The future is ours: Babylon is falling


All music composed, performed and arranged by Canaan
Lyrics written by Mauro

Canaan 2000

Mauro 2000
Vocals / Keyboards / Samples / Instruments
Tony 2000
Luca 2000
Drums / Samples
Matteo 2000

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