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a broken Self

A queSta normalitàa' preferiSco la follia

If you expect nothing from anybody
You will never be disappointed

One small truth can ruin a thousand great lies
and if it kills me today I am ready to die

Images from a broken self

Running time 52'
Eibon records Can102
Released in May 2018
3-Folder Digisleeve + booklet


My deserted place
The story of a simple man
Words on glass
Hint on the cruelty of time
I stand and stare
Of sickness and rejection
The dust of time
That day
A tired sentry
Through forging lines


My deserted place

There was a voice
It came from parched lips
There was a voice
That brought me to my knees
There was a voice
That split my world in two
There was a voice
It sent me close to you
There was a voice
That played with my mind
There was a voice
My heart would never hide
There was a voice
That ragged me in scorn
There was a voice
Dissolving all my hopes
There was a voice
It doomed my simple fate
There was a voice
Draining out my hate

A noise too loud to bear It nailed me to the floor
Confined me with bonds tougher than steel
Cruel chains of life that cut my wings
The noise was so loud
I couldn't hear my thoughts
Collapsing into each other
Fierce winds raping the dust
Of a mental desert

The story of a simple man

I forced my mind
Time and time again
To a labour that tasted
Like sour defeat

I pushed the boundaries
Of my endurance
Further and further
Until they lost
Their meaning

I climbed one step
After another
Aiming for a sky
That eluded my pain
In mockery

In the very last
Moments of my life
I will open my eyes
And finally see
That the pain
And the scars
The love and the fires
Pleasures and
Scorching regrets
They all paint out the plot
Of a simple man's
Wonderful story

No one will stand out
No one will be forgotten
No one will pass through this again

Words on glass

When I said
I was fading away
My words stumbled upon
The lucid, sleek mirrors
Of your indifference

When I said
I needed some help
My words came across
The paralyzing
Horrifying glasses
Of your disregard

When I said
I longed for rescue
My words fell into
The muddy wells
Of your discontent

Leaving me no other choice
but to crawl
Into my little corn
Treacherous thoughts
Watering them like
The barren children
Of fear and hate

Leaving me another choice
To grow those
Dangerous thoughts
And shape them all
Into an overdue farewell

Hint on the cruelty of time

Lying down
Staring at the sky
Glancing at the clouds
Passing by
Everything moves
Standing yet still
The wind gently combs
The grass around here
Nothing will spoil
This moment of peace
A beacon of truth
Turns lies into bliss
Life is like this
The blink of an eye
Its taste in my mouth
Before I can lie

A perfect perception
Of time's cruel speed
A memory lazing
Carved out of your need
Lying down here
Raped by the sky
Letting the clouds
Scream and cry

A drop of this rain
Caressing my skin
Feels more like a bite
Than just a bad dream
My body possessed
By pain and by fear
The links of regret
Imprison me here

I stand and stare

Vigilant over the remains
Of a distressed mental realm
Weaker and weaker
With every word I dare to say

Vigilant blinded by a terror
Only the mind can create
Inert and inept
Like a withered cormerstone

Teeth broken, claws polished
defenses strained
More and more fragile
At every second passing by

From the bottom of this hole
I stand and prepare
Far the incoming endless war
Against an enemy I can't defeat

Though my eyes see him coming
Though my senses feel his presence

From the heart of this well
I stand and stare
At the ghosts of my past
All gathered
Like hungry lions
Over a dying grey

No matter how abservant
I am about to capitulate

Of sickness and rejection

I'm done chasing
Somebody else's dreams
I'm done embracing
The false truth underneath
I'm done changing
The things they ask me to
I'm done faking
The love I feel for you

Never allowed to make a mistake
Another reason to be at the stake
It only takes a glimpse at your face
To build an excuse and fall from grace

I'm done running
After troubles with no sense
I'm done hunting down
Preys I can not seize
I'm done fleeing out
On legs that will not move
I'm done being a slave
With too many things to prove

I'm done feeling
This scalding frost of the soul
I'm done waiting
For a single gentle word
I'm done longing
For just another scorn

I'm done
I'm simply done

The dust of time

The dust settles
Immaculate fingers
Upon the dead things
Of this taint little world

Tangible and cruel
Ravening and painful
Pillars of a conscience
That protected peace

Invisible movements
Shift the veils
What once was clean
Now lies soiled

Dust of time, dust of life
Drittle powder of my cries

Dust AF mind, dust of life
Crystals shining like a chime

Dust of fire, dust of life
Empty shells of my lies

Invisible scars
Drawn in brittle dreams' dust
Hassling shadows made of one
Only one among my past

The dust of time
Will choke all life
The dust of time
Will choke all life


Intricate, impenetrable maze
These walls inside me
That steal my breath
And hide the path
To get out of here

Obstinate, invisible enemies
All contending to end the struggle
In the inferno I used to call home

Their victory won't come
Until I resign from the throne
Of pointed woes I forced myself
T sit upon

Yet, they spit their seed around
Forcing me to give us and move away

Yet, they pollinate the seed of doubt
That grows and flourishes rampant

These enemies of mine
Trying to convince me
My words are nothing
But useless, pointless

What if they're right?
I feel they might be
What if I'm wrong
I know I ought to be

That day

He came
Fog and dust
In his eyes
Speaking in tongues
Of a world
Invisible to most

He demanded
Blood from all the stones
Upon which I slowly built
This fragile world of mine

He made
His splendid mansion
And again
His glorious fortress
On the precious smoky ruins
Of the place
I once called home

My last shield
Of loathing and regret
Will never remove
An ounce of the weight
He threw that day
On my collapsing spine
With his countless
Terrible smiles

And now I'm left here
With nothing but the noise
Of rattling bones petrified
In dreadful spirals of time

A tired sentry

This is no longer
The place I belong to
This is no longer
The life I want to live
These are no longer
The things I can endure

When I surrender dormant
To the waves of crushing pain
I see nothing but red mails
Scorching my eyes

Cruel images from a distant past
Miscarriage of dreams
My torment and agony

And when I reach out
For a bit of mental hope
I find nothing but repulsive
Stains of hollowness

I wave a snowy white flag
Sore sentry over the scars
Left by each and every one
Of my magnificent mistakes

This is no longer
A place I belong to
This is no longer
A life I want to live
These are no longer
The things I can endure


Trapped in a maze
Swarms of
Cruel beasts
Feast on
Mental remains
Craving for a kind
Of impossible balance
Among their peers

Excrement-poisoned lymph
Blood clots
Millions of
Flickering flags
Upholster arterial walls

Trapped in a small
Rigid cage
Hordes of hungry worms
Ate all flesh
A thousand caves
Through broken bones
Breeding bugs
That no drug will remove


Through forging lines

From the depths of this sleep
That cuddles my dreams
As black as the tar
Of crumbling nerves
I curse all gods
With jokes born out of spite

I swear in hate
No grim fate
Lovely pains exterminate

Beyond this place of rage and tears
Lies the terror and all fears
On the iron of my dreams
Thrive the threats of all these years

Within the law of trust and grace
The curses I throw at that pale face
Resound like horns from all directions
And crush the wall of their protection

Forged through the lines
Of what could have been
Deprived of any hope
I wander: unforseen

Sealed through the lines
Of what should have been
Lost in a life I find obscene

I scream: this soul was never mine
I yell: this heart will never fly


Composed, performed, arranged and recorded by Canaan
at the Kanaanian Lair / 2016-2018
Mixed and mastered by Alessio Camagni and Canaan
at Noise Factory Studio / 19/24 February 2018
Assistant engineer Federico Cavalara
Lyrics by Mauro
Graphics, pictures and layout by KMD

Canaan 2018

Mauro 2018
Vocals / Loops / Keyboards Samples / Instruments
Nico 2018
Loops / Samples
Alberto 2018
Bass / Samples
Teo 2018

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