Walk into my open womb

Wall into my open womb

Running time 93'
Eibon Records Can010
Released in September 1998
Box + 2 booklets + 2 sleeves
repressed in March 2003
Clear-trayed jewel box


The Kanaanian Dawn
A magic farewell
The glass shield
The pride of perdition
Aurora consurgens
Walk into my open womb
Scent of anguish

Codex void
The rite of humiliation
The Orion conspiracy
A song for pain
A new beginning
Angel nail


A Magic Farewell

Shadows running (Ombre)
shadows bleeding (Sangue)
shadows breathing (Ombre)

Like in a magic farewell
Waters over waters we breathe
And through these doors we pass
never to return again

The Pride Of Perdition

An even ray closes me
In this circle of darkness
I can't escape

Sometimes a child sings his lullaby,
smiling of dead angels
Watch ! The empty paradise
awaits The God of soul and stone - severance!

Oh lovely destroyer,
I bestow you my corrupt plagues.
Your blood is mine, Lord: we die
My blood is yours, Lord: Let's die

Walk Into My Open Womb

Melancholia caressed my stretched hand
And together we came,
dancing to the sound of a shining vertigo

For we are one
yet one is nothing

Come on, walk through this open womb
One little step at a time

Oblique visions of captivity
Swirl silently around us
As we join hands with Desire

For we are nothing
and nothing is One

Walking through the open wombs of time
we attend the great and secret masquerade


Small cold drips Called your name in vain
Chromatic signs Red on grey
in elusive Opium scent vanished

Ho aperto il mio cuore invano
Sangue ed una croce spezzata
arresi ormai al vento della monotonia
Noi siamo il passato, vuote le lacrime
e dolce il triste profumo di nulla

Small cold drips cracked the shell
Walking on our faces like
lilium scent dressed demons

Codex Void

Show me the end of the journey
Teach me how to wipe this soiling blood
off my eyes hands and lips

I now seek my revenge
Over a dramatic pathway
Codex: untouched. Void: unattained

The paths of desire led us
to this Grey slavery
Where golden walls
replace Calm and guardian angels

Teach me how to tear this prison down
The Codex spiral!
A strange wheel of fire
still spinning and running and entrapping.
Codex: violated Void: replenished

Just another grey day
in this Ebony paradise
Absorbing the venom of your spiritual hells
Release me from this nightmare:
Lend me your sharpest blade.
Codex: blade Agony: deleted


Ascolta il riverbero del silenzio sul fondo del baratro:

gioisci ed innalzami un cantico che odora di tenebre


I'll die without my mask
for Death is Life's theatre:
a veilless oriental girl
lost in time's escapeless drifts

Crushed world's blood
Wet the closed doors of Eden,
upward waterfalls into
closed mental spaces

Where's my Heaven?
Roomaskin, snakeskin, frames in Oblivion.

Room Mask Skin

A Song for Pain

"Joys impregnate sorrows bring forth"
Vertical ways of essence intertwine
the even path of bitterness

When perception deceives illusion
I sing my gentle song for Pain

The vertical prospect becomes the seed of past
A wordless song for the Pain I feel inside

Angel Nail

Thrice his arms were trespassed by nacreous nails
Thrice his voice quenched the fires of consciousness
Thrice his arms were nailed to the nightwall
Thrice his voice branded her with the name of Whore

And again he rose his eyes with scorn
to violate the sacred woes

What once majestic now fades in nightwells

Thrice Angel
Twice Angel
Once Angel
Nail Angel


Composed, performed, arranged and recorded by Canaan
at the Kanaanian Lair / 2016-2018
Mixed and mastered by Alessio Camagni and Canaan
at Noise Factory Studio / 19/24 February 2018
Assistant engineer Federico Cavalara
Lyrics by Mauro
Graphics, pictures and layout by KMD

Canaan 1996

Mauro 2018
Vocals / Keyboards / Samples 
Nico 2018
Alberto 2018
Drums / Keyboard / Samples
Teo 2018

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